August 19 Larken BBQ & Bike – U12+

Hey Team,

Excited to see some of you for biking and a BBQ tomorrow. Mark Larken wanted me to noted that parents are welcome to hang out at the lake all day if they wish.

I have posted the details again below for your reference. See you in the morning!


Date: August 19th 2016
Location: 124 Loon Dr, Vaughn NS
Start Time: 9AM
End Time: 6:30PM
Cost: $5 Per Person

This event will start out at the Larken’s cottage. From here we will go for a
bike, have lunch, and return for a swim before ending the day with a BBQ. Please
bring a lunch you can bike with! Parents are welcome to attend the whole day, or
parts of. Same goes for athletes if they are unable to attend the full day. The
$5 is for BBQ supplies.

• 9am-9:30
• 9:30- 12:30pm Bike
• 12:30pm-4pm
3.5hr Swim
• 4pm -6:30pm
2.5hr BBQ

What to Bring
• Swimsuit
• Dry Clothing
• Sun-Screen
• A Towel
• A Lunch
• $5 for the BBQ

Summer Dryland & Team Activities U14, U16, U18, U21

Hey Everyone,

Hope the off-season has been going well. Two topics to think about. Dryland, and fun team activities in the summer.

***** Dryland***********************************************************

For staying in shape during the summer, one of the best starting points I found when I was racing, was to get involved in a summer sport that had a high scheduled commitment and exertion level. For me, it was swimming competitively twice a day, and because I don’t float, it was a great workout to try and stay atop the water. I encourage all the athletes to get involved in sports outside of skiing during the off season, as this will really help with fitness, and general athletic ability.

However, there is also a roll for sport specific off-season training. For this, I have been working with some of the WSRC coaches to try and put togeather a scheduled training program for NS athletes. I figured it would be a great way to promote friendships that can be carried into the winter. This is what we have come up with.

– Trainer/Facilitator/Athletic Therapist: Kate MacDonald-Ferris
– Times: (June/July/August – 1 nights a week Wed 7 to 9)(Sept/Oct/Nov – Two nights a week TBD)
– Total number of sessions 38
– Venue: MSVU Athletic Complex
– Cost: $420 (420/38 = $11.05 Per session)

We need a minimum of 12 athletes between the 2 clubs to make this work. Please reply to if you are interested. If the dates do not work, but you are interested, let me know!

NOTE: This does not remove our normal scheduled Fall dryland. It will take place as usual.

Finally, I wanted to share one of my favorite articles that gives an example of simple but effective exercises that can be done at home with very low financial investment. These exercises require only simple equipment that you can find around your house, and they work large groups of muscles (appose to single muscles). The value in this is that they can be done conveniently, and promote well rounded strength and balance.

***** Summer Activities *************************************************

For summer activities, I would love to get the team together for athletic-minded sessions, but not formally structured as a “workout”. I plan to start scheduling these shortly once the warm days become more consistent. However, I would love your suggestions of what else you would like to do! I have put together a short list below of things I have been thinking. Some of them are contingent on availability, but should give an idea of where I am headed with the idea.

Please email your suggestions to

– Rock climbing
– Sailing
– On-Tree
– Mountain Bike Adventure

Fundraising Dinner for Brenda

There is a fundraiser for Brenda in Annapolis Royal on Abrenda fundraisingpril 23, it’s a Field to Table Event, it should be a good one, tkts are $50 each and the Queen Anne Inn has given us a special of $89.00 per night, ( )
I’m attaching the poster and the menu, as well if there is someone that wants to participate but can’t come, we have a couple of options.
If you could pass this around, I’d greatly appreciate it.
if anyone is interested let me know!

Club closing / Awards this Sunday @ 3:00 – Argyle Bar

Apologies if you didn’t get this sooner, there was an email sent out which I assumed the U10’s would have gotten. I have since found out they may not have.

There will be the club closing awards this Sunday at 3:00 PM at the Argyle Bar and Grill on Argyle Street.

There will be snacks and fun awards each coach has come up with for the U10 athletes. As well as see the older athletes who they may be in a group with next year if thy are moving up to U12.

Also it’s a great chance to set up play dates and exchange birthday invites.

MSRC Planning Meeting

MSRC will be having their annual planning meeting this Sunday 9 am to 2 pm. If you are interested in attending and getting more involved with the club – or just to find out more, please contact me directly for details. Thanks
Jane Gillis

Alpine Nova Scotia: High Performance Update

This notice is for U12 and U14 athletes that participated in the High Performance SuperCamps at Martock and Wentworth this year.

SAVE the DATE!!!

WHERE: KMF / Cobequid Rd / Lower Sackville
WHEN: Saturday, April 23rd
TIMES: to be confirmed
COST: to be confirmed ( approx. $50 )

Functional movement screening is a comprehensive screening / evaluation that is intended to reveal any functional deficiencies that are potential impediments to physical success.

If athletes are interested in participating in this screening, please contact Mike Clarke directly. He can be reached at:

Mike Clarke : 902-604-0399 or

Once the High Performance Group is confirmed, the intention is that Mike Clarke will communicate with athletes and families directly.

Race your child race Saturday

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be the last day and in the morning the will be a DUAL GS race.

A chance for you to race your child, one last chance for glory.

This will be on upper Shane’s about 30 mins after the kids leave with their coaches at 9:00 until about 10:30 or 11:00. After you’ve had a big of the parent breakfast at the clubhouse at 9:00.